Macromolecules in biology are very important and these completely affect interactions, functions as well as structures of these molecules.Biochemistry deals with structures, functions and processes of many important molecules of life such as carbohydrates, protein, lipid, amino acids, etc.Lipid: these are small molecules that are heterogeneous in nature and are involved in structural development of cell along with energy storage.Best Answer: I can see you spent a lot of time typing out this stuff, but you should have spent time looking up the vocabulary in your text. Then the.

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Biochemistry is one of the important subject is any field of science but it becomes quite a tiring and complex for the students to understand every reaction and details on every topic.

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Biochemistry Question: The measured membrane potential across the inner membrane of a liver mitochondrion is approximately 0.168V.

Nowadays, the study reflects on the way of absorbing chemical energy in metabolism.

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Along with C, H, N and O, nucleic acid also has phosphorus, the most important of all is the DNA and the RNA.If you want any time and improve your biochemistry homework help academic level and skills, as you.Primary structure: it is the simple structure that is linear in form and makes up the backbone of proteins.

Carbohydrates: these are the most abundant organic molecules in the earth that are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.Therefore, when these two fields are combined, it gives biochemistry that becomes an important subject for biology as well as chemistry students.Structural proteins, catalytic proteins, transport protein, hormonal protein, contractile protein and storage protein are the division of protein on the basis of their structure whereas simple protein, conjugated protein and derived protein are the classification as per their chemical nature.

Aldose: in this case, if the functional group is aldehyde they are called aldose.Example includes: starch, insulin, dextrin, glycogen chitin and cellulose.Hence, only the patience and hard work can help them reach their goal along with appropriate guidance.

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Among many oligosaccharides, disaccharides are the most common.

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In fact, human body can have drastic breakdown if they lack adequate protein in the diet.