Microsoft was just starting work on Access and it was more targeting power users, but there was still some overlap.We have two new whitepapers posted to the MSDN Library online focusing on the enhanced reporting system in Visual FoxPro 9.0,. FoxPro 9.0 Report.My only real problem with vfp is the 2 gig filesize limitation.I will quote an article Jordan Powell wrote in FoxTalk when Access 1.0 and FoxPro 2.5 were about to ship.If, as a software professional, you are recommending VFP to future clients, you have an ethical obligation to make them aware of this potential issue.


I still use VFP at my company. We have.NET developers and Oracle developers.

But my impression is that that technology just does not exist yet.They had no DBMS, and their partnership with Ashton-Tate failed to get Microsoft SQL Server off the ground.

But Fox was still the stepchild and it was never going to supersede other products developed internally.I regularly test Visual FoxPro COM DLLs by simulating 40 clients.FoxPro was first and foremost a competitor in the xBase market.Therefore, I am looking forward to an open source VFP in coming years.It has all the modern components, and can be easily used to develop Software as an Application (SaaS) projects which make the development language transparent to the user. (In addition to desktop applications that are more secure and private than web applications, and much more efficient, user friendly and faster).

It is a nice filter and fair reporting tool, but nowhere compares with VFP.What a wonderful tool to develop so many truly useful applications.Microsoft was working on its Access DBMS which uses a modern variant of the BASIC language.In fact, the primary reason VFP lasted another decade with 4 more versions released was more about Windows sales than VFP sales.I had never programmed before (other than the first Bridgeport CNC) milling machine.Visual FoxPro COM components can be used with Internet Information Services (IIS) to build high-powered Internet database applications.FoxPro gave me the best (as I know it) screen generation tools.

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Today VFP is still the best tool for database desktop applications in Windows if you use it with SQL Server in the backend.I, like many of you, have developed many applications in VFP, and I am happy to say they still work fine on windows 8.1 (X64).I am glad I made the transition away from VFP when I did as I got to finally get into heavy web development which I felt sheltered from in my VFP days.To this day, the program I have written and modified over the last 33 years still works on Windows 7, 32 bit.

VFP and VB6 (and all the other 32-bit apps) will be supported for many years.

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VFP is great control environment for acquiring, documenting, integrating, analyzing and transitioning data and metadata.With the emphasis always on the latest trends, many developers felt compelled to move to other technologies.

Thanks to all of you above who helped make the xBASE community as strong and vibrant as it was.Tested it for almost 2 years, but there are still a lot problems with big data in grids.To deploy, only the EXE is required and no mess of DBC, DBF, CDX etc.FoxPro to Web, FoxPro to Mobile, FoxPro to Cloud: ActiveVFP (AVFP) is a completely free and open source project for creating web applications with the.