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He finds Margo on the street and admits his affection for her, but she does not feel the same way.

He encourages Quentin to focus on the things that make Ben a worthwhile person and a good friend, rather than on his shortcomings, and suggests implicitly that this is the only way relationships can be successful: that everyone has flaws which might make them unbearable to be around if those were their only characteristics, but that no person is defined entirely by their flaws.The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.Jim Coleman as Detective Otis Warren with the Orlando Police Department.Margo accuses Lacey of not telling her about the affair. (It is revealed later that Lacey was unaware of the affair until she was pranked).

As they drive through upstate New York, Quentin starts a game of Metaphysical I Spy.The John Green adaptation Paper Towns has a hole in. as he and his buddies Bloody Ben (Austin. it succeeds in complicating all of its ancillary characters.He is about to respond when two massive cows suddenly appear in.He learns from his best friend Ben Starling that another of their friends, Radar, has made plans to go to prom with.

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He gets drunk out of his mind and super clues a beer can to his hand.But instead of being grateful for them finding her, she reacts negatively.Ben saved his friends along the way in a road rage. Paper Towns.She leaves for work, telling him to call if he needs anything.She left the clues to let Quentin know that she is safe, not to invite him to follow her.After graduation, he continues spending time with them throughout the summer before they all leave for college.Since they discover the message shortly after their encounter with the dead raccoon, it forces them to once again consider the possibility that Margo may have taken her own life (or be planning to do so).

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Quentin finds Lacey in a bathroom and gets to know her, discovering that, beneath her superficial exterior, she is actually an intelligent and compassionate person, and they become friends.Before Quentin becomes entangled with Margo, he lives a life almost entirely without extremes.In the process, Quentin explores the relationship with his friends including his compatibility with Margo.Poking around the room, it becomes clear that Margo is not there.Ben is not the exciting, complex, intellectual person Margo is.After class ends, he sits in RHAPAW waiting for Ben and Radar to finish band practice and wondering what Margo might be doing in New.Radar and Ben sign on, and Radar announces his new theory: that Margo will return in time for.The next day at school all Q thinks about is how things have changed.

In this scene, attending a laid-back party with his friends and acquaintances from the school band, he allows himself to feel emotional about the coming transition for the first time.His deepening love for and understanding of Margo will help Quentin better appreciate the relationships and experiences he has always taken for granted, and challenge him to evaluate his life with a more critical eye than ever before, disrupting his contentment and shocking him into a deeper and more intense experience of life.She also shows her adventurous side when she makes Quentin break into SeaWorld with her.

Ben, Radar, and Quentin reaffirm their commitment to being naked under their robes at graduation, and.Can you name the characters of Paper Towns from the descriptions.The Paper Towns quotes below are all either spoken by Ben Starling or refer to Ben Starling.The theme of Paper Towns is chasing after what you want in life, no matter what is left behind.Radar is also in a band with Ben, their other best friend. He is a dynamic character because when he gets serious,.

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Driving to the last pseudovision on his list, Logan Pines, Quentin gets a call from Ben.The film was adapted for the screen by Scott Neustadter and Michael H.He wonders whether Margo was trying to make a comment about close-mindedness.We were in the business of mutual amusement, and we were reasonably prosperous.As Quentin releases the steering wheel, Ben reaches over and swerves onto the shoulder of the road.

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Ben Starling (speaker), Quentin Jacobsen, Margo Roth Spiegelman.In the United States and Canada, the film opened at 3,031 theaters on July 24, 2015, alongside two other films, Pixels and Southpaw.After seeing a recently attached Woody Guthrie poster on her bedroom wall, Quentin realizes that Margo deliberately left clues for him as to where she would be going.