This is only It would be nicer to access my homework assignment by using my tablet. myHomework makes it easy to add your homework.

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At the very least its as powerful as a netbook and in some cases I would say more powerful.But tablets need to evolve their software before it can replace a laptop.I was going to do it but I cant find my notebook. (my mom usually accidentally throws away my homework) If they havent seen it search EVERYWHERE: How to Cheat on Homework or Online Classes How to Send Homework by Email, How to Cheat at Online Classes My view of homework help (homework cheating).For now, tablets make a great supplement to computers if you can afford it.It also helps that the iPad 2 is seen as being very hip and that many educational institutions are taking a hard look at how this can aid education.

And, using services like Dropbox, the notes can be easily stored back on a full computer for later review, edit and organizing.However, when it comes to writing papers, as far as I know, none of the word editing applications support the academic formats, such as APA or MLA.

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Especially commuters students Zain Tablets are sleek and the most portable form if device that can suffice the need for a laptop and as well as well as your cell phone to a certain extent.

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Laptops are portable but gets heavy lugging it across campus all day.Batista and you, YU, apparently stutter.muuuuhahahhaa skip2k At this point I would have to say no, they do not replace laptops.

Punkdefied I am not fully convinced that a tablet can replace the need for a laptop.Best online service that can do my homework for me. they wish to pay to do my homework for money.Amazing Anywhere - With highly rated apps for your phone, tablet and a. a school organizer makes keeping track of what assignments to do easier than ever before.If it works as Microsoft says, Windows 8 tablets will provide a cool touch-based interface for tablets on the go and plugging these into a keyboard dock will give you power and accessibility of a full machine.Our aim is to deliver high-quality papers for a reasonable price within the given time frame.Neil Jain For some perspective on iPads in education my nine year old nephew who has his own iPad told me yesterday that his 4th grade class in a public school will be doing everything on the iPad i.e. homework assignments, tests, reading etc.Theses or dissertations to go on our case because there would amateurish writer do you. can i do my homework on a tablet revisions are available delivering top quality work.Shame on the people who downloaded it Cant you people do ur maths homework.

The iPad also has a full keyboard accessory for your typing needs and more and more applications are targeting the educational market.

Our local high school here in town (Clearwater High School) has issued kindles in place of textbooks to all the students this year.How to connect your tablet to your TV. There are also a handful of streaming devices that allow you to connect your tablet to your TV. homework finished,.If it does it well Android may finally have a real competitor.

Anonymous I say yes, tablets have been around for a while and they are now getting more powerful and more portable.How can I watch netflix on my tv using my laptop and use the same laptop as a computer while netflix is playing on.The software I am referring to is an online algebra software, required for homework and quizes.Will tablets ever be able to fully replace a laptop for students.Students may not be able to replace laptops with tablets yet but that day is rapidly approaching.For instance, some lecture classes may have a lot of notes at the end of the day, and a tablet simply cannot withstand the typing speed of a laptop (unless using a keyboard dock).When you combine it with its keyboard dock, it turns into a computing device that can handle most word processing needs thanks to its built-in document editing software.

Clayton Chabannes I think a tablet is moving towards being able.I too would like to see the prices of tablets fall to more reasonable levels for students.

Can I Do My Homework On A Tablet narrative writing essay help Can i do my homework on a tablet.My favorite thing about this app is that you can add classes, and then select.

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I finally got my laptop fixed and after using this tablet for a week I was so happy to have Windows 7 back again.

Eengle1344 no tablets wont replace laptops right now for students maybe in the future ardyhsv My tablet has already replaced my laptop for college.However, not all subjects are exciting and fascinating, but rather boring and useless. Still,.Patrick Mahoney Especially with all of these quad-core tablet rumors coming out, I totally believe that I will soon replace my laptop with a tablet.At least with the LogMeIn Ignition app on Android, the experience has been nothing short of incredible.And with priority and reminder default options in settings you can enter new assignments in seconds.The new Windows Surface tablet might offer a good compromise when The kids never reach for the iPad to do their homework even though they could.My parents are very strict because they want me to do my homework before I go out to play.

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Not too long ago, students wanted a laptop to do their homework on.May 5, 2013 9:12pm. I modify work for my students and often the homework I give can be completed in class if a student applies.Also depending on your major if you have a lot of programming or other computer related classes you absolutely need a laptop with an OS that allows you to do those more specific tasks.

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Elizabeth Tran Tablets and laptops cost around the same nowadays, but the laptop does have more features and capabilities than the tablet.

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Mtw4991 Best option ever because regular laptops take up too much space in your backpack and are too heavy to lug around campus along with all your books.

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