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A question provided for you: once you read a given text you may find a question asking you to compare some aspects you have read.You should explain what it means if the differences between your subjects stand taller than their similarities.There are two sources of comparative essay questions that you can base your paper on.Examples: Human workers can detect malfunctions in machinery. ORGANIZATION FOR COMPARISON AND CONTRAST ESSAY.

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The conclusion should merge both of the subjects and come up with a resolution.


As long as you feel you have covered the most important information you should close your paragraph and move to the next point.This should wrap up your paper into one ending that puts to rest the comparative analysis.How to structure your essay. Ways to organize the compare and contrast essay.This will drive you into developing a comparative analysis unearthing common and uncommon things between the 2 things.Where the points of Block A are used to build on the points in block B.You should be able to pick one side over the other and let readers know of your decision.Most of the times you will only be asked to compare but do not get confused.

This is a writing task that asks you to compare at least two or more things.Once you have established your basis of comparison it is the time you come up with a list of differences and similarities.Piecing: giving pieces of the information for each individual subject in each paragraph—arranging the information by topic rather than by subject.The purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to examine two things of interest and tell the reader.Your thesis statement will be determined by the two things of differences and similarities.In order to write a professional compare and contrast essay it is necessary to remember that it is vital to identify the points of comparison.Referring to the sources given you should compute a list of differences and similarities and write them into a cohesive and holistic piece.

How to write a Compare and Contrast Essay Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Compare and Contrast Essay Examples Compare and Contrast Essay Topics.If you choose similarities to outweigh your differences then your thesis should be bent towards that direction.There are two primary ways to organize your compare and contrast paper.

One of the main secrets of any successful compare and contrast essay introduction is adding a surprising fact or an anecdote on the topic of discussion).You will revisit the differences and similarities and take a stand.One reason for this is because it does a better job by juxtaposing the points of one subject against the other.

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They should be interconnected and form a coherent whole piece.This type of essay is basically a composition, which is concentrated on two points.

You can add on paragraphs until you have reached the required length of your essay.

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For better result the body should be analyzed from the perspective of an independent analytic, so it should be read a day after it was written or by another trusted person for review.It also acts as the main idea of a compare and contrast essay. Structure of a Compare and Contrast Essay.You have already taken a final stand with your essay but what does that mean.

It is only a few essays that end in a stalemate and in most cases they are considered inconclusive.One of the widely misunderstood kinds of writing is the compare and contrast essay.

Books organized entirely using the compare-contrast structure. Cummins, J. (2002). Country Kid, City Kid.You remember what we said about when to use each of them so that will not be a problem now.

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If you think that a compare and contrast essay is a bit complex for your understanding, you will certainly need practice to.Conclusion (Conclusion is used to summarize the key similarities and differences of the two analyzed things.

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This means that a point on A is followed by a point on B and so forth in that order of alteration.The compare and contrast essay reveals the differences and the similarities of these two points, things, situations, etc.

How to write a Compare and Contrast Essay: format, structure, outline, examples, topics Writing a compare and contrast essay.In academic writing it is expressed in the form of a compare and contrast essay.There is no neutral ground here so you must make a conclusive ending on what side your views fall to.It explains your topic in length including all areas to be covered.

How do you structure a compare and contrast essay for three characters.This one will synthesize all the key points in your entire essay.Essays come with instructions on how many pages you should write.But just because you are handling each block on its own it does not mean you have to come up with a disjointed essay.On the other hand, if your differences outweigh the similarities then your thesis should be crafted to give that position.